Wellness Machines



The powerful BEMER electromagnetic pulse wellness system forms an important part of my treatments, it:

  • increases micro-circulation
  • significantly improves the flow characteristics of the blood
  • allows muscle cells to receive more oxygen and nutrients
  • improves the supply of energy and the removal of metabolic waste
  • enables the body’s cells to obtain the required oxygen by significantly improving the blood circulation
  • has no negative side-effects
  • is completely natural,
  • is compatible with all other known medical treatments
  • and functions at such a low frequency, that it is safe enough for patients with metal implants and pregnant ladies!


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, they say there is one cause of disease – lack of circulation, and one cure – increased circulation.

The Bemer is cutting-edge preventative health care! I’ve seen incredible results in my practice, instant relief from debilitating tooth-ache, knee injury and back pain and tinnitus relief and deeply calming, yet revitalising sessions which run during your reflex treatment.





The Vacuflex system combines the ancient, holistic treatments of reflexology and acupressure, maximizing the body’s natural self-healing mechanisms.

It stimulates the reflex points in the feet with vacuum boot therapy, together with cupping or vacuum pressure, which activate, clear, and balance the meridian pathways, allowing healthy energy to spread and flow throughout the body.

It originated in Denmark in the 60’s and has been brought to its present level by South Africa’s Inge Dougans.