Meet Megs

“The object of the spiritual journey is the healing of the body, mind and spirit.”

I am passionate about health, and am revelling in the joy of living positively, full of energy and vitality. Living holistically is about honouring our bodies: eating vital, healthy ‘live’ foods; and drinking pure water, detoxifying teas and fresh fruit juices. Striking a healthy balance is essential, and connecting over a delicious meal and a bottle of antioxidant-rich wine is such a civilized and enriching way to interact with our fellow beings, nourishing both our bodies and our souls.

As a lover of yoga and dancing, and I know how transformational and empowering healthy, fun exercise is. Experiencing the strength and stamina of my body is a daily wonder, and its healing powers completely blow me away! The deep breathing I’ve learnt through yoga has calmed my mind and reduced my stress. In this crazy, chaotic city life, this, along with the fun and dancing in the incredible salsa dance community, has been my salvation.

In 2010 I graduated Cum Laude from The International Academy of Reflexology and Meridian Therapy. During my second year, I was hospitalised for a debilitating migraine, preceded by vertigo. I woke up with my right eye shut and, lifting my eyelid, my eye was staring out to the far right. I went through a series of tests to eliminate the possible causes of brain tumour or aneurysm, and was then put onto a saline drip for three days. The conclusion was that I had experienced an Ophthalmoplegic Migraine (impressively long name for an ‘eye’ migraine!) I was given medication and sent home, where my body required deep rest; and I slept a huge amount and lived with double vision that lasted a full three months. I ventured out only to my homeopath and for my first experience of reflexology with my lecturer and mentor, the brilliant Lize Copeland. We discovered an underlying imbalance in my gallbladder meridian and I now know to deal with this through reflexology, the foods I eat, and managing my stress through yoga and dancing.

This was my first personal experience of the incredible healing power of reflexology. The science and magic lies in the stimulation of reflex areas and meridians with a strong pressure technique to activate the natural, powerful self-healing mechanisms of the body. The whole body is represented in a mini-map on various areas of the body, including the hands, feet and ears. The body is such a perfectly orchestrated machine, intricately connected and managing over 600 trillion processes at any one moment, just incredible! As a reflexologist, I simply push the ‘buttons’ and the body takes care of the rest.

I joined the team at the Art of Healing Holistic Centre in 2011 and had a very rewarding and happy couple of years there, followed by the incredible opportunity to take over my mentor’s practice in Bryanston. I am now happily settled in private practice in central Morningside, overlooking a beautiful garden, in addition to working with an inspiring group of multi-disciplinary practioners, the Conscious Care Circle, lovingly supporting those on a cancer journey Each day in the practice is a new and miraculous gift! As holistic practitioners, we focus on restoring health and preventing illness through treatments, nutrition, healthy exercise, stress management, and a positive outlook. Living holistically seems like the obvious choice when the results are feeling vital, healthy, happy and, most importantly, becoming empowered by taking responsibility for YOUR true health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) plays a significant role in my practice. In addition to the reflex areas, I stimulate the meridians, the 12 energy pathways which run through the body. Imagine lights being switched on as the energy clears the way for the abundant flow of vital life force, known as Chi. In Ancient China, the practitioner was paid to keep you HEALTHY. Free of dis-ease. What a beautiful way to look at health and wellness.

I graduated with a diploma in fashion design from LISOF (London International School of Fashion) in 2001, and have now found a way to integrate my love for health and fashion in a stylish ladies and men’s Movementwear range, ARNASA. Proudly manufactured in South Africa.

ar ‘ na / sa
(verb): breathe